What makes Sikkim a hidden gem!

1) 100% Organic State

This is a land, which is plastic and chemical free. Nothing can be more close to nature than Sikkim.
With adorable views of the Himalayan range, landscapes adorned with rhododendron during spring
and the sensational Yumthang Valley make it a natural wonder.

2) Tibetan Buddhism Center


The Rumtek Monastery is a treasure chest of precious statues, cenotaphs and other artifacts
relevant to the Tibetans. It takes one back to the bygone era of the rich culture and heritage of
Sikkim. Allow yourself to soak in the beauty of the history of Sikkim!

3) Flamboyant Festivals


The Mahakala Dance showcases deities fighting off evil through choreographed rituals and dances.
It’s wonderful way of storytelling and experiencing the culture of Sikkim. It is truly colourful and captivating!

4) Food Haven 


Thukpa (Photo Courtesy: Maps Of India)


Sael Roti (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

The food culture Sikkim is what reflects the local taste and the popular foods include

Momo (meat filled dumplings), Thukpa (vegetable noodle soup), Phagshapa (stewed pork fat with
radish and dry chillies), Sael Roti (deep fried paste of rice and water), Niguru and Churpi (fiddlehead
ferns with cheese) and Gundruk (dried mustard oil leaves).

When in Sikkim, eat like the locals and enjoy the burst of flavours in your mouth!

5) Local Love

And lastly, the locals, their charm and their hospitality will melt your heart. They’re sure
to make you feel at home at all times 🙂

We have packed our bags to experience the gorgeousness of Sikkim. Maybe we’ll see you there too 🙂

To join our trip to Sikkim in April 2016 click here


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